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Winter Storm Game Time: Strategy Over Force

The first reports of snowfall and wintery mix weather are coming in, with a “potent winter storm” (9news.com) making its way across Colorado this evening.

Travel may be greatly affected as blizzard conditions develop. For those in charge of keeping our roadways safe, here are some game time dos and don’ts to be successful (while keeping your operation cost effective and efficient).

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Effectively Maintain Road Safety While Saving Man-Hours and Equipment

A big winter is expected throughout the United States and we at EnviroTech Services want you to get the most out of the products you need. Our goal is to provide superior snow melts that will get more out of your man-hours and save on your equipment wear and tear.

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Why Deicing is Particularly Important for Universities and Hospitals

If you are in charge of the deicing program for a university or hospital, you already know how important it is to keep busy walkways safely free of ice and snow. Hurrying students with arms full of books may not see a patch of ice in time to avoid it. Likewise, people on their way into a hospital probably have other things on their minds than watching out or slippery surfaces.

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Meltdown Apex™ - Save Your Equipment (and Time!)

Regardless of how much ice and snow this winter brings, your operation has to stay moving all season long. While deicing is of utmost importance to keep things rolling, many shy away from liquid deicers and anti-icers because the chemicals are too harsh on the metal equipment.

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The Best Practices for Dust Control

Nearly one-half of the estimated four million roads in the U.S. are unpaved; the reasons why range from lack of usage to the costs involved. One thing is certain: unpaved roads produce dust and lots of it as you already know. Those charged with dust control on such roads are always looking for efficient and cost-effective solutions. There are a number of products for each unique situation.

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Dust Control: A Landfill Case Study

The manager of the Larimer County Landfill, on the outskirts of Ft. Collins, Colorado, was looking for a method that would control the dust problem on the landfill's roads while reducing the drain on the city's water supply. The only dust-reduction in use at the time was plain water at an application rate of four to six truckloads per day, six days per week for a total of approximately 126,000 gallons per week. He consulted with EnviroTech Services Inc. and decided to implement their recommended plan of using X-Hesion Pro® (XPro). 

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Water Conservation: A Landfill Case Study

"When you implement a Water Conservation Program, you are contributing to the public good."  ---  Steve Clark, PhD                   

Steve Clark was right in his assessment; conserving water concerns and affects all aspects of society. Modern society uses water on a scale undreamt of a mere hundred years ago. As communities expand and merge into mega-cities, the drain on the water infrastructure becomes insupportable. Aquifers are being drained at a rate far higher than they can refill and it's estimated that, within the next two generations, 25 percent of the population that depends on them will begin experiencing significant problems.

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X-Hesion Pro®: A BioPreferred® Product for Dust Control

What does BioPreferred® mean?
The BioPreferred® program is managed by the United Stated Department of Agriculture (USDA) and promotes the development, sale, and usage of products derived mainly from renewable resources rather than traditional petroleum-based products. The goal of the program is to preserve the health of the environment as well as us humans through the reduced distribution of harmful products.

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Landfills: How to Define Your Dust Control Problem

Odors, leaching, rising costs, upset neighbors, and ever-changing EPA regulations: As you may already know, controlling your dust can help mitigate all of these problems.

Of course, the first step in controlling a dust problem is determining the scope of your problem and understanding how (and if) various factors can be limited.

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Maintenance and Preservation of Gravel Roads

An environmentally-friendly solution for better dust control in agricultural, mining and landfill access roads, X-Hesion Pro binds to the surface of unpaved roads, stabilizing the soil. Surface preservation may be especially important for industrial roads and access roads, particularly for mining sites. Dangerously eroded roads can be extremely hazardous when heavy equipment is used.

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