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Effectively Maintain Road Safety While Saving Man-Hours and Equipment

Posted by jonathan.nelson on 10.28.2015

A big winter is expected throughout the United States and we at EnviroTech Services want you to get the most out of the products you need. Our goal is to provide superior snow melts that will get more out of your man-hours and save on your equipment wear and tear.

Our team works hard to research, develop and supply top-caliber deicing and anti-icing products like Meltdown Apex™ that provide enhanced melting ability, decreased snow pack buildup and performance at a 12 degree lower freeze point than other liquid deicers. Or our exclusive Apogee deicer and anti-icing blend that gets you into those places that prohibit acetates while still providing high-performance frost prevention. In addition, Apogee can help save the life of your equipment as it inhibits corrosion thus making this a great product to use on bridge decks, parking garages or infrastructure – anywhere metal can be compromised because of chlorides.

Many of our products, like Ice Slicer®, features a “reddish” color melt blend that naturally absorbs 50 percent more of the sun’s radiant energy, vastly accelerating melting, saving man power that could be used to lower your bottom line or get your crew working more roadways, increasing your overall productivity.

As always, our company commits to an environmentally conscious approach and our featured products reflect that awareness with our naturally occurring minerals used in much of our line. We don’t sacrifice our values on providing products that maintain high-performance on melting snow, deicing and creating powerful barriers for ice buildup. Neither should you.

Prepare this winter season right with the deicers that keep your crew effectively maintaining roadways while saving valuable resources and never sacrificing quality.

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