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Winter Storm Game Time: Strategy Over Force

Posted by jonathan.nelson on 11.16.2015

The first reports of snowfall and wintery mix weather are coming in, with a “potent winter storm” (9news.com) making its way across Colorado this evening.

Travel may be greatly affected as blizzard conditions develop. For those in charge of keeping our roadways safe, here are some game time dos and don’ts to be successful (while keeping your operation cost effective and efficient).



  • Keep a close watch on weather reposts and stay in touch with neighboring operators who are also in the path of the storm. Information is key to help forecast the needs for product and manpower.
  • Remember, the temperature of the roadways is not the same as the air temperature. Air and pavement temperatures can often differ by as much as 20 degrees Fahrenheit, which affects when products should be applied, or which product to use. There are a number of high-performance products such as Meltdown Near Zero that can help address extreme temperature conditions.
  • Prepare the product to be applied in time and according to incoming reports. For products like EnviroTech’s salt brine additives, such as AMP or LCS, the technology in the product can be leveraged for a variety of situations. We are here to be your partner to determine the proper mix that’s right for your situation.


  • Apply product before the storm. It will often be blown off the roadway be incoming storm winds, or bounce off surfaces that are not yet affected, which leads to potential pollution, and a waste of manpower and product.
  • Apply product until conditions have reached a point that they will be most effective. With products like Nature's Best or Miner Melt, the technology in them provides extreme fast action performance allowing operators to apply it only when truly needed. Again, wasted manpower and product can be avoided by knowing the capabilities of the products.

As your operation begins its vigilance over the weather forecasts and storm tracking, please contact us. We are here to help you understand how EnviroTech’s products work, consult with you on their uses, and customize plans specific to your region and unique needs. We look forward to working with you this season.


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