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Maintenance and Preservation of Gravel Roads

Posted by jonathan.nelson on 7.17.2015

An environmentally-friendly solution for better dust control in agricultural, mining and landfill access roads, X-Hesion Pro binds to the surface of unpaved roads, stabilizing the soil. Surface preservation may be especially important for industrial roads and access roads, particularly for mining sites. Dangerously eroded roads can be extremely hazardous when heavy equipment is used.

Preventing polluted run-off through safe dust control on gravel road surfaces results in improved water conditions. Pollution and excessive chemicals in road-maintenance runoff prevents the growth of beneficial bacteria in rural ponds, lakes and streams. Drainage of water polluted by dust and chemicals leads to algae blooms and the choking off of aquatic water plants. One of the leading causes of water pollution around industrial and agricultural sites is the use of water for dust control.


X-Hesion Pro is BioPreferred as an ultra-low chloride based dust and erosion control product. It can be used safely to reduce soil pollution by not introducing extra chlorides into the environment. Industrially, X-Hesion Pro is widely used:

  • In maintaining unpaved roads, such as county and township roads
  • In maintaining the stability of quarries, mines and haul roads
  • For agricultural roads and orchard roads
  • To maintain military roads and access to federal projects 
  • By homeowners, farmers, and ranchers to maintain private rural roads
  • To maintain parking lots
  • As an especially favorable dust control agent for tree, flower and shrub nurseries
  • To maintain local and regional airports and helicopter pads
  • As a safe form of access road maintenance for feedlots

X-Hesion keeps the road base stable and retains water, preventing water incursion below the surface. X-Hesion is especially advantageous because it is formulated from agriculturally derived organic polymers. It is not petroleum or synthetically based. In addition to stabilizing road surfaces and preventing erosion, the coating avoids polluted run-off.

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Understanding X-Hesion Pro

The next generation in our line of proprietary, ultra-low chloride based formulations.

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