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Meltdown Apex™ - Save Your Equipment (and Time!)

Posted by jonathan.nelson on 10.12.2015

Regardless of how much ice and snow this winter brings, your operation has to stay moving all season long. While deicing is of utmost importance to keep things rolling, many shy away from liquid deicers and anti-icers because the chemicals are too harsh on the metal equipment.



Meet Meltdown Apex™, the liquid deicer from EnviroTech Services that can meet your liquid deicing needs – while still performing in a wide range of temperatures: 

Prevent Rust, Inhibit Corrosion

Meltdown Apex™ is a liquid deicer and anti-icer designed with the environment and your equipment in mind. While it can’t prevent all the potential moisture-related rust, this magnesium chloride compound adds a corrosion inhibitor to help your equipment make it through the winter in tip-top condition.

Fewer Applications

Better yet, as a liquid deicer, it works fast to get your equipment back in the field after the storm and helps inhibit the formation of new ice, making it easier for your team to keep working. You save time by avoiding the need to reapply your deicer, keep your work crews safer and prevent environmental damage associated with some deicing agents.

Less Harmful to the Environment

The U.S. Department of Agriculture has said that Meltdown Apex™ is less harmful to vegetation and groundwater than other liquid deicers. At the same time, it is useful in a wide range of temperatures and collects much of the water from the melting ice, helping prevent refreezing.

With snow already falling in the high Rockies, it’s not too early to contact us for a free evaluation of your deicing needs and to order your supplies in preparation for the coming snow. It’s actually the perfect time to be sure you are fully stocked and prepared for that first big storm to come.

To talk more about a site-specific program or to see if you are eligible for a lower rate contact us. Have a safe winter!


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