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Unlocking Efficiency and Safety in Machinery with Bio-Ballast

In the ever-evolving world of agricultural and industrial equipment, achieving optimal performance while maintaining the highest standards of safety is paramount. One often overlooked yet crucial component in realizing these goals is the correct utilization of ballast in machinery. Today, we're delving into the insights shared by Cole Pitts from Front Range Kubota, a reputable dealer in Kiowa, Colorado, with additional locations in Fountain, Colorado, and Cheyenne, Wyoming, and Bill Bebb from EnviroTech Services. Their expertise sheds light on the significance and applications of an innovative solution known as Bio-Ballast.You can learn more by watching the Intevew between Bill and Cole or continue reading. 

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Truck Drivers, Logistics, and How We Strive to Keep a High Retention Rate.

The transportation and logistics industry faces a significant challenge - driver retention. High turnover rates not only impact the bottom line of trucking companies similar to ours but also disrupt the supply chain and contribute to a shortage of experienced drivers within a company. Against the odds though, EnviroTech Services was able to maintain a remarkable 85% retention in 2023.

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Bio-Ballast: The Perfect Tractor Tire Fluid, Just Ask Tractor Mike

In the world of agriculture, where efficiency and environmental consciousness go hand in hand, Bio-Ballast emerges as a groundbreaking solution. This blog explores the unique advantages that position Bio-Ballast as the ultimate choice for enhancing tractor stability and optimizing lifting capacity with front-end loaders.

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A Tremendous Vessel on the Great Lakes

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PM 2.5 vs PM 10: Particle Air Pollution

Why does air pollution get worse during the winter time? You may remember from school scientific experiments, that cold air sinks and warm air rises. Cold air is more dense and moves more slowly than warm air. Sinking cold air can create an atmospheric cap over the earth’s surface, while warm air passes over the top. This cap prevents pollution from dissipating, and creates unhealthy conditions for anyone within it.

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My First Internship


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