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Truck Drivers, Logistics, and How We Strive to Keep a High Retention Rate.

The transportation and logistics industry faces a significant challenge - driver retention. High turnover rates not only impact the bottom line of trucking companies similar to ours but also disrupt the supply chain and contribute to a shortage of experienced drivers within a company. Against the odds though, EnviroTech Services was able to maintain a remarkable 85% retention in 2023.

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New Employee Orientation or NEO from a New Employee Perspective

The New Employee Orientation, or NEO as we call it, proved to be an exceptional experience for me, unlike anything I've encountered in my previous roles at other companies. EnviroTech invests time and effort to ensure that every new employee can meet with the leads of most, if not all, departments. It is not a generic process involving a few YouTube videos and quizzes; instead, everyone dedicates time to personally engage with and present to every new team member. 

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My First Internship


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