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Intern to Employee: Nick's Story

Hi there! My name is Nick Knutson, and I started as an intern here at EnviroTech Services roughly nine months ago. For ESI I have had the pleasure of working with Amber, Peter, Veronica, Tonja, Robert, Mary, and fellow intern Jacob. My position has consisted of various marketing/sales activities, as well as the addition of supply chain work, but I’ll get to all that good stuff later. I am originally from a small town in Minnesota, about an hour south of the Twin Cities. Growing up in Minnesota I love all things outdoors, especially being on the water! Fishing, boating, tubing, and jet skiing are some of my favorite activities on the lake. I was also involved in many different sports as a kid, but wrestling was the sport that I became the most passionate about.

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Intern to Employee: Veronica's Story

My name is Veronica Lopez, and I would like to share a little about myself and how I went from a high school intern to long-term committed employee at EnviroTech Services, Inc. I was a junior in high school at Greeley West when I was enrolled in an ACE class that focused on business and gave students tools to enter the working world. I was hand chosen by my teacher, Jeff Cranson, to respond to an opportunity from a company to do a part-time internship. This was great news to me because it meant I would also earn a credit towards graduation for being employed while completing this ACE class. I was a very quiet and shy 16-year-old (I know for some of you who really know me it’s hard to believe now) walking into a corporate building with no experience of the business world whatsoever, but I was willing to give it a shot. I had a brief meeting with Carrie Plasters who was the sales assistant at the time and on September 19, 2005, I was employed by EnviroTech Services, Inc. for what was supposed to be a semester long internship that would later turn into my future career. I was an intern for the entire office and completed many different tasks that anyone had for me including filing Accounts Payable files and credit files. I continued to take on small projects and looked for any opportunity to learn something new and before I knew it, I was even being trained to do minimal tasks in the customer management IFS system.

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My First Internship


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