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Truck Drivers, Logistics, and How We Strive to Keep a High Retention Rate.

Posted by Laney Jasso on 2.9.2024

The transportation and logistics industry faces a significant challenge - driver retention. High turnover rates not only impact the bottom line of trucking companies similar to ours but also disrupt the supply chain and contribute to a shortage of experienced drivers within a company. Against the odds though, EnviroTech Services was able to maintain a remarkable 85% retention in 2023.


Photo by Tim Williams

At EnviroTech Services, we recognize the integral part that our drivers play in our business. None of our operations would be possible without the truck drivers on our front lines. With opportunities galore for truck drivers due to industry turnover- what makes EnviroTech Services stand out as a great place to work?

For me, it starts with recruitment. One of the processes that was implemented when I started working for ETS was a culture fit interview. After an initial resume review, a candidate’s first interview with the company is a culture fit interview. It’s non-traditional but allows the panel to determine if the candidate possesses our shared values and drives.

At EnviroTech, we strive to create a supportive work environment. One way that we build the relationship between driver and supervisor is with schedule collaboration. That piece can range from no layoff season to coordinating with Order and Delivery to get our drivers off work in time to see their child’s baseball game which creates space for all employees to live a healthy life and attend scheduled appointments. “Reliability is a major piece of what keeps me around. I’m able to work all winter long and not have to be on the lookout for other jobs”, Wayne Sapp, Glenwood Springs driver.

After talking to several drivers while trying to write this post, there was a consensus that overall while the job is not for everyone, they enjoy the variety that comes with being a Driver/ Applicator at EnviroTech Services. From using non-driving skills that they bring to the table (like welding/fabricating) to finding joy in being on a peaceful county road spraying dust control while being part of a successful team, they find a home with EnviroTech Services that allows them to provide for their families. Mike Dunn from the Midwest region said it best,” There’s variety here and there’s opportunities if you’re open to them. I’ve been able to (not only drive but) work on plant projects and utilize my fabrication skills for upgrades and repairs.”

Driver retention is a critical challenge in the trucking industry, and addressing it requires a multi-faceted approach. By prioritizing relationship building, communication, providing training opportunities, and fostering a positive company culture, trucking companies can work to build a strong foundation for driver satisfaction and loyalty. Ultimately, investing in the retention of truck drivers is an investment in the success and sustainability of the entire industry.

If you're interested in learning more about our hiring process, click the video below to watch KJ Media's 'Attention Retention' podcast episode featuring Laney Jasso and Amber Irsik from EnviroTech Services, as recently highlighted by Jackie McManus.

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