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Landfill Dust Control: More than Just Being a Good Neighbor

Almost no one wants to have a landfill near their property for fear that the smell, the rodents, and the dust will diminish local property values. But modern, well-run landfill operations do everything they can do to help prevent all of those problems.

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A Critical Year for Dust Control in Orchards and Vineyards

Forecasters predict a record-breaking dry, dusty summer in the West – a prime growing region for tree fruit, nuts and grapes. The news has growers worried about drought and dust control.

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EnviroTech Services, Inc. Participates in CCI Conference in Colorado Springs

By admin on 12.3.2012 Deicing & Anti-Icing

EnviroTech Services, Inc. is happy to announce its participation last week at the 2012 Colorado Counties, Inc. Winter Conference in Colorado Springs, CO.

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By admin on 11.19.2012 Environmental, Agriculture

In the past, EnviroTech has enjoyed a relationship with Advanced Tire Ballast by being its logistics partner to serve Advanced Tire Ballast’s customers. Envirotech is now pleased to continue serving this very important customer base.

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EnviroTech Services, Inc. Announces New Joint Venture in International Mining – EarthTech Dust Suppressants LLC

EnviroTech Services, Inc. is pleased to announce its latest joint venture, EarthTech Dust Suppressants LLC, with Canadian microbial technology company, Earth Alive Clean Technologies. EarthTech will combine ESI’s industry leading and environmentally focused dust control products with the unique microbial technology of Earth Alive. Together, ESI and Earth Alive will be opening an untapped and previously unmet need within the international dust control market. Many international mines, including an industry leader which is already doing business with the newly formed EarthTech, are facing unprecedented regulations in how their operations impact the environment. Notwithstanding regulations, mining companies are also taking a much more proactive approach to employee safety and health concerns and are starting to become environmental stewards .This, specifically, is true for the methods in which mines are required to manage dust disturbance and treat already affected soils.

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durablend™ Showcased in World Ag Expo's Top-10 New Products for 2012

EnviroTech Services, Inc. is proud to announce its product durablend™ has been included in the World Ag Expo’s Top-10 New Product competition for 2012. Over 1,800 products are submitted for entry and it’s an honor to be a finalist. Winners will be showcased February 14 – 16 during the 45th World Ag Expo in Tulare, California.

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ESI Welcomes Social Media

By admin on 10.11.2011

A recent SIMA Magazine article turned heads at ESI in regards to our current expansion with social media. The key obstacle we face is answering the question, “Is social media even necessary in the road solutions industry?” In ESI’s opinion the answer is yes. 

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Concrete 101 - Debunking the Mag Myths

By admin on 9.20.2011 Deicing & Anti-Icing

“Many ready-mix suppliers blame magnesium chloride for concrete failures such as surface spalling and scaling. It is my contention that if concrete is made, handled, and finished properly, mag does not have any detrimental effects on concrete, regardless of age.”

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MeltDown Near Zero® Packaged Ice-Melt Gains Organic Listing Certification

Next time you visit your local hardware store take a look at how many different ice-melt bags can be found. Some list themselves as “green,” effective in a wide range of temperatures, or even certified, but are these products really what they claim to be? The most reliable way to verify these claims is to look for a certification label.

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Lab Expansion & Restructure Provides Further Opportunity For ESI

By admin on 8.1.2011

“Would you ever begin using a new product without first testing it or asking the sales rep what to expect of its performance? Will your business continue to buy and sell the exact same products forever?”

Hopefully your answer to both of these questions was no. When investing in a product, you want to make sure not only are you getting what you paid for, but that it delivers a greater value than what competitors are offering. In years to come the market may serve the same constituents, but with products and solutions that are continually improved and more effective.

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