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Landfill Dust Control: More than Just Being a Good Neighbor

Posted by admin on 6.26.2015

Almost no one wants to have a landfill near their property for fear that the smell, the rodents, and the dust will diminish local property values. But modern, well-run landfill operations do everything they can do to help prevent all of those problems.

One of the most common on-going battles is over dust control. With huge land-moving equipment operating from dawn until dusk almost every day, there is ample opportunity to stir up dust. Trucks delivering trash for the landfill and the equipment used to keep the trash covered (and mitigate smells and nuisance animals) are virtually always moving. Paving the roads to keep the dust under control isn’t a viable option because the current pod for trash delivery is always changing.

Further complicating the issue for the landfill operator is that water runoff must be strictly controlled to prevent contamination of the local ground water. Water applied as dust control must then be recaptured and treated before it leaves the property. 


One way for landfill operators to reduce costs dramatically is to consider a dust control program. Our program not only reduces water usage but also helps to improve dust control, all while being environmentally conscious. Our solution is X-Hesion Pro. With a low chloride additive made up of enhanced, organic polymers, we’ve created a program that is site specific and tailored to meet your requirements and specifications. Given the proper conditions, a site can reduce water consumption by up to 50 percent.

Request a FREE evaluation today to help kickstart your dust control and water conservation efforts. We can design a site-specific plan that looks at the types of soil and the activities that are producing the dust. Then, we’ll create a water conservation plan that helps you reduce the amount of water you’re using and subsequently the water that must be recaptured. The system reduces water costs, the cost of labor for water application and clean-up costs. 

To talk to a landfill specialist who can help your water conservation efforts, contact us.

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Realize solid dust control results even when proper road preparation is not feasible.

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