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Lab Expansion & Restructure Provides Further Opportunity For ESI

Posted by admin on 8.1.2011

“Would you ever begin using a new product without first testing it or asking the sales rep what to expect of its performance? Will your business continue to buy and sell the exact same products forever?”

Hopefully your answer to both of these questions was no. When investing in a product, you want to make sure not only are you getting what you paid for, but that it delivers a greater value than what competitors are offering. In years to come the market may serve the same constituents, but with products and solutions that are continually improved and more effective.

These principles of continuous product improvement and innovation fit the principles of quality as well as research & development at EnviroTech Services, Inc. Our commitment is proven by strict engagement in a Quality Control (QC) program testing both incoming and outbound materials, as well as pride in our creative thinking processes. Recently Steve Bytnar, who heads R&D and Quality, segmented the lab into three sections: Deicing, Stabilization and Dust Control, and Quality Control. To better accommodate this segmentation, the lab was expanded by 1000 sq. ft., or roughly 50%.

This segmentation not only pertains to ESI, but will play a beneficial role for our customers and clients. Personnel will now focus specifically in an area of expertise, as well as have the ability to work with new researchers and interns who have recently been added to our team. This restructuring will help ESI focus on its mission of churning out environmentally friendly and cost-effective products and solutions for improving road safety.

Following the constant growth of ESI, these advances are not only important, but absolutely essential. Deicing as well as Stabilization and Dust Control are emphasizing new product development for their respective markets. Going one step further, technology is now being taken directly to the field, functioning as technical sales support. This act will educate both our sales personnel and the customer in the proper use of the new technology. Through this method we expect to achieve faster “to market” access, optimizing the timeframe in which new innovations are available to our customers.

Our QC section plays a significant role as ESI continues to expand. As new plants are built across the country, QC for the company as a whole continues to become more strenuous and complex. Specifications for each region, agency and customer must be considered and accommodated for each manufacturing location and throughput facility. In this way we are very confident that we can deliver the highest quality products our customers expect and deserve.

We at ESI apply state-of-the-art testing and methodologies to measure performance of our products and constantly improve our understanding of the different conditions these products are used in. These acts of improvement will help sustain our identity as a leader in road solutions and our commitment to ensuring public safety and positive environmental impact. In summary - “Given the proper amount of time and resources, nothing is impossible.” This is the philosophy by which EnviroTech Services, Inc. manages its lab daily.