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A Critical Year for Dust Control in Orchards and Vineyards

Posted by admin on 6.24.2015

Forecasters predict a record-breaking dry, dusty summer in the West – a prime growing region for tree fruit, nuts and grapes. The news has growers worried about drought and dust control.

Without proper treatment, windblown soil particles can lead to some expensive consequences for growers:

  • Plants struggle to get enough sunlight
  • Loss of valuable top soil
  • Higher risk of respiratory and cardiovascular problems for farm workers,  neighbors, and livestock
  • Damage to homes, outbuildings, vehicles, irrigation and farm equipment
  • Increased road maintenance costs

Growers are turning to X-Hesion Pro, a new dust control product from EnviroTech Services, to minimize their water usage and control dust particles in the air. X-Hesion is a special blend of complex, organic polymers and ultra-low levels of chloride, which is better for the environment. It’s safe to use near sensitive areas, including water sources, crops and trees, plant nurseries, and along orchard roads.

Combined with EnviroTech’s water conservation program, X-Hesion Pro requires less water overall than other dust control methods, reducing your water consumption by up to 50 percent in most cases. Before application, EnviroTech carefully studies the unique conditions of the site to optimize the results. The evaluation focuses on four main factors:

  • Quality and composition of aggregate
  • Road preparation
  • Compaction
  • Application


Based in Greeley, Colorado, EnviroTech provides growers easy access with its fleet of trucks, rail cars and storage locations. The company has 10 locations throughout the West:

  • Washington: Othello, Sunnyside
  • Oregon: Prineville
  • California: Cadiz/Twentynine Palms, Stockton
  • Idaho: Post Falls
  • Alaska: Ketchikan
  • Nevada: Battle Mountain, Reno
  • Utah: Wendover

Request your road and dust control evaluation today, or contact us to find out more about how X-Hesion can help your water conservation efforts. 


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