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MeltDown Near Zero® Packaged Ice-Melt Gains Organic Listing Certification

Posted by admin on 8.16.2011

Next time you visit your local hardware store take a look at how many different ice-melt bags can be found. Some list themselves as “green,” effective in a wide range of temperatures, or even certified, but are these products really what they claim to be? The most reliable way to verify these claims is to look for a certification label.

The Organics Materials Review Institute (OMRI), founded in 1977, is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to providing an independent review of products, making sure they are in compliance with USDA organic standards. The institute acquires funding through sales of publications, donations and other sources, but majority is through fees collected for the review of products.

ESI product MeltDown Near Zero® recently received approval with OMRI. MeltDown Near Zero® is a high-performance, low-corrosion deicing product used to clear snow and ice from roadways, driveways, walkways, and parking lots. This all natural product is effective to 5°F and melts ice and snow faster with up to 50% less product than ordinary salt. Retail consumers, state and local governments and commercial deicing companies use this product extensively.

OMRI certification means the specified product is safe and approved for use in or around organic operations. ESI takes pride in this listing because our objective is to reduce the environmental impact of road maintenance, which in turn provides a better place for community members and wildlife to reside in. For over 20 years, ESI has been delivering innovative road maintenance and safety solutions that go beyond the required regulations of our industry, setting new standards and surpassing expectations.

Packaged bags of MeltDown Near Zero® are currently available through distributors such as JAX, Ace Hardware, Lowe’s, and The Home Depot. We are continuously making efforts to expand in the retail market, eventually giving ESI the ability to sell directly to a store near you.

Topics: Deicing & Anti-Icing, Environmental