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'AMP-lify' Salt Brine's Melting Capacity

Posted by Maren Garcia on 12.15.2020


Brine additive, AMP®, got its name for a reason; because it AMP-lifies the performance of anti-icing and deicing programs when combined with salt brine. AMP is a clear, odorless liquid that effectively treats roads before and after storms by reducing snow and ice buildup. Salt brine used alone to pretreat roads often dries out and does not stick to roads, which can be a waste of product and money. AMP combined with salt brine allows the product to bond to the roads, even in the most severe conditions.

AMP has 50% more melting capacity than alternative products. When AMP is added at 20% it lowers salt brine’s working temperature (1:1 freeze point) from 180F to 100F! AMP not only protects roads by freeing them of snow and ice quicker than alternative products, it also protects storage tanks in colder conditions.

An Ice Hardness Test was conducted that compared 10% AMP with salt brine and 20% AMP with salt brine to a competitor product, stand-alone salt brine, and water. This test was performed using a penetrometer, a stainless-steel cone that measures the hardness of a material. The penetrometer was dropped into the frozen material, measuring in (mm) the penetration into the snow. The deeper the penetration, the softer the snow and ice.


Figure #1: Ice Hardness Test comparing AMP (10%) and AMP (20%) to water, salt brine, and competitor product

With the product concentration at 40% and temperature at 00F, AMP significantly outperformed alternative solutions. AMP at 20% in salt brine reached 5mm ice penetration, and AMP at 10% in salt brine reached over 4.5mm ice penetration. The liquid composition of AMP disrupts the bond of ice crystals and softens ice, allowing for a tighter connection between roads and tires. Adding AMP to salt brine is more effective at breaking through layers of ice and snow than salt brine alone.

EnviroTech Services, Inc. developed AMP to address numerous concerns and insufficiencies of conventional brine. Although conventional brine is relatively inexpensive, it requires consistent reapplication. The material volume, labor costs, and equipment usage can’t be overlooked when considering total cost of ownership. AMP’s faster melting performance reduces the application rate, making it a cost-effective solution. The cost per mile of roadway is reduced significantly with AMP, which yields a positive return for investing in a superior product.

AMP also exceeds Pacific Northwest Snowfighters Association (PNS) specifications for corrosion protection. An 80/20 blended ratio of brine to AMP has been approved by PNS for corrosion inhibiting characteristics, and can be found on the PNS Qualified Products List (QPL). A 90/10 blended ratio is recommended for those looking for a significant reduction in corrosion score (typically 40-45 on the PNS scale).

To test the melting capacity of an 80/20 (brine/AMP) blend and 90/10 (brine/AMP) blend compared to conventional brine, EnviroTech Services, Inc. conducted a modified SHRP-H-205.2 test. The test ensured that the comparisons were made at equal volumes. For example, if the application volume of brine is 10mL, then the application volume of 80/20 (brine/AMP) is 10mL and that of 90/10 (brine/AMP) is 10mL.


Figure #2: Melting Capacity over time of Brine, AMP (90/10), and AMP (80/20) at 200F


Figure #3: Melting Capacity over time of Brine, AMP (90/10), and AMP (80/20) at 100F

The results provide compelling evidence that AMP significantly improves the performance of brine over time. Both 80/20 (brine/AMP) and (90/10 brine/AMP) have greater melting capacities than brine from application through hour three at both 100F and 200F. When tested at 200F, 90/10 (brine/AMP) surpasses the melting capacity of conventional brine after two hours and 80/20 (brine/AMP) after only one hour. At 100F, the results are quite telling. The three-hour melting capacity of conventional brine is surpassed by 90/10 (brine/AMP) after one hour and by 80/20 (brine/AMP) by only thirty minutes!

Thorough testing demonstrates the extent of the increased melting capacity provided by AMP. By exploring the effectiveness of AMP, EnviroTech Services, Inc. found it to be the brine additive necessary to expand brine utility while remaining cost-effective.

For more information about AMP’s superior performance, please visit our website or contact a representative at 800-369-3878.


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