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Need help with your snow and ice build up?

AMP helps prevent snow and ice buildup, preserve road safety, maintain friction, and protect your roads. 

Improves the ability to combat snow and ice buildup by pre-treating your salt with the industry's leading enhancer.



Get the most out of your salt 

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Enhance and Protect

Pretreat and protect your roads from snow and ice buildup with the melting power of AMP. Protects tanks, infrastructure, and equipment by reducing corrosion by 70%. 

Learn more about its performance, application requirements, areas of usage and the benefits.

Why Use AMP?

When used to pretreat roads alone, salt brine dries out and does not stick to the road’s surface - wind and traffic can easily sweep it away. But when you add AMP into the mix, it bonds to roads in even the most severe weather conditions.