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AMP Receives PNS Approval

Posted by jonathan.nelson on 4.13.2016

EnviroTech is proud to announce that our new salt brine enhancing product AMP, has received approval from the Pacific Northwest Snowfighters Association (PNS). PNS members are a collection of transportation agencies throughout the states of Washtington, Oregon, Montana, Idaho, Colorado, as well as British Columbia. The guidelines established by PNS assist users in product selection by requiring that corrosion inhibited approved products:

  • Pass a series of tests for chemistry, friction, toxicology, and corrosion;
  • Meeting environmental and health standards; 
  • Be at least 70% less corrosive than road salt.

PNS has become a recognized pioneer in establishing and standardizing chemical products for snow and ice control. So much so, in fact, many states and agencies outside of the Pacific Northwest adopt and reference the standards they have set. 

ESI's latest salt brine enhancer, AMP, improves the performance of salt brine through increased bond to the road surface, accelerating melting, and reducing corrosion.


Performance Maintained with Reduced Application

Recently, ESI has demonstrated the performance advantages of AMP in several capacities. You can click below to request an evaluation or download a whitepaper on AMP's melting capacity.

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