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AMP® Application Rate Advantage

Posted by jonathan.nelson on 1.20.2016

The concept of product development is pretty simple. How do we either improve on an existing product or create something superior that is a replacement product? Less simple, however, is the process of testing, documenting, and verifying the improvements sought. This can be particularly tricky for consumers who can find themselves comparing performance claims between products they may not fully understand. Add to that the consideration for managing costs associated with switching to a new product as well as ensuring apple to apple cost comparisons, and the introduction of new products can feel more burdensome than exciting.

 It is for this reason that EnviroTech’s R&D department works to create testing and measuring practices that allows customers to have real data, and not just a series of bullet points on a marketing flyer. Particularly in industries where product mixtures, sources, and applications are being constantly tinkered with, it is easy for companies to be laissez-faire in how they represent the benefits of new products.

 All this applied directly to Envirotech’s recently release salt brine enhancer, AMP, which improves the performance of salt brine through increased bond to the road surface, accelerating melting, and reducing corrosion.


Performance Maintained with Reduced Application

In a recent experiment outlined below, ESI demonstrated that reducing application of AMP by 20% maintained performance, as compared to salt brine. This is significant for multiple reasons. First, it allows for control of costing and budgets without sacrificing performance. Second, it allows further reduction of corrosion along all applied routes. Third, and in some ways most importantly, this gives our customers hard data to reference in their decision making. ESI continues to strive to give its customers the best products available, as well the science to help them understand how to make decisions.

If you like science and want to learn more, check out the abbreviated report below or download the full whitepaper on AMP's melting capacity. As always, contact us to learn more.


CONVERTED DATA-mL of water melted


0 minutes

15 min

30 min

60 min

120 min

180 min

23.3% NaCl







80/20 AMP









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