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X-Hesion® Pro: Dust Control and Road Stabilization for Dynamic Roads

Posted by Maren Garcia on 4.12.2021


As an industry leader, EnviroTech Services, Inc. is always looking raise the bar by developing innovative and environmentally conscious dust control and road stabilization products, like X-Hesion® Pro.

X-Hesion Pro is an ultra-low, chloride-based dust control and road stabilization product that utilizes complex, organic polymers that reduces the overall cost of maintain unpaved roads.

Check out these five reasons why X-Hesion Pro outperforms other dust control and road stabilization products:

  1. Retain Roads in Any Condition
    X-Hesion Pro can retain fines, keep dust down, and increase the longevity of roads in areas that experience extreme weather. Additionally, X-Hesion Pro is able to deliver superior performance for dynamic roads that experience heavy traffic and frequent changes in their road surface.

  2. Limit Chloride Introduction
    As an ultra-low chloride product, X-Hesion Pro is the perfect dust control and road stabilization product for sensitive areas like landfills, mines, quarries, haul roads, and vineyards. As a USDA Certified BioBased Product, X-Hesion Pro is composed of 96% BioBased content and is one of the most environmentally sensitive solutions on the market today.

  3. Reduce Evaporation and Conserve Water
    Multiple maintenance applications of X-Hesion Pro has shown reduced evaporation rates. After two treatments, X-Hesion can reduce evaporation up to 45% and after four treatments, evaporation can be reduced up to 65%. Lowering evaporation rates also lowers water truck application rates.

  4. Reduce Operation Costs
    X-Hesion Pro not only reduces water truck application rates, but it also reduces the number of road treatments drastically. Eliminating the need to constantly water roads and reduced treatment application rates cuts costs on labor, equipment, fuel, and raw materials.

  5. Program-Specific Approach
    EnviroTech Services, Inc. takes a multi-step consultative approach to develop a program specific to your unique site requirements. Success is measured by the quality of the results, so we are only satisfied once there is an overall reduction in costs coupled with improved unpaved road performance and quality.

Don’t settle for an average dust control and road stabilization treatment-- reduce the total cost of maintaining dynamic unpaved roads, while protecting the environment, with X-Hesion Pro.

To learn more about X-Hesion Pro and other dust control and road stabilization products, visit our website or speak with a representative at 800-369-3878.

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