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Road Maintenance for your Mining Operation

Posted by jonathan.nelson on 7.1.2015

Whether your mine is open pit or underground, one of the keys to keeping it operating at peak capacity is maintaining the roads that transport your products, employees, and equipment to and from the mine site.

With dozens of heavy vehicles on these roadways every day, keeping the road surface in safe driving condition and the dust levels under control are a constant battle. Road maintenance for your mining operation is an expensive part of your overhead and something that can become less of a nuisance and time drain - allowing a focus on the real job.


To both lower costs and provide safer roadways for your transportation drivers, consider a water conservation solution tailored specifically to your site by adding X-Hesion Pro to your water applications. This unique blend of organic, ultra-low chloride polymers is designed to increase the stability of road surface while keeping dust mitigated.

Instead of having to water the roads several times a day due to evaporation and creating runoff and potholes from erosion, you can have improved dust control and – given the right conditions, drastically reduce the number of applications required. The savings in labor alone is huge, but when you add in the lower cost for water purchases and the improved quality of the work site, X-Hesion Pro is hard to beat.

The reality is there is already a lot of scrutiny from environmentalists and the EPA over your mining operation. Combat this by clearing up those dusty, potentially dangerous roads with lower high water usage. X-Hesion Pro is an environmentally-sound alternative to pure water on the roads and will minimize interaction with local vegetation and ground water.

For more information about how an investment in our water conservation program utilizing X-Hesion Pro can save you money, contact us or request your site evaluation today. Your site evaluation is free and personalized plans are designed to make your mining operation easier, more efficient, and affordable.


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