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Low Chloride Dust Control for Gravel Roads and Driveways

Posted by jonathan.nelson on 9.3.2015

When seeking a low-chloride solution for dust control, consider BaseBind®, EnviroTech’s proprietary binder that stabilizes the road surface. Creating a barrier that resists evaporation of water, it rejuvenates itself by absorbing water from beneath. It requires a lot less chlorides because the binder holds moisture – preventing evaporation. BaseBind® is gentler to the soil and a better choice for roads in any sensitive area such as orchards, croplands, forests, protected wetlands and other ecologically sensitive environments.

Low Chloride Dust Control for Gravel Roads and Driveways

When applied to the road surface or mixed with many kinds of road bases such as recycled asphalt, environmentally friendly BaseBind® performs similarly to lignosulfonate without depending on factories to produce it as a byproduct.

By stabilizing the road, making the road surface tougher, BaseBind® creates greater resistance to road damage. You will have fewer potholes to deal with. The road loses less material to rain, wind, and traffic. Dust is better controlled.

Field Tested and Proven in a Variety of Environments

Where soil moisture is high enough and relative humidity is about 60 percent or higher, BaseBind® can be mixed into the road surface without pre-wetting.

Where conditions are semi-arid, 40 to 60 percent relative humidity, we recommend a single pass over a well-compacted road.

In arid conditions, less than 40 percent relative humidity, we recommend compacting the road before application and watering. Watering will rejuvenate the binder.

To learn more about BaseBind®, and to see if it is the right solution for your dust control needs, click here or request a FREE site evaluation to find out how we can tailor a program to suit your unique site.


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