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Dust Control Decision Making: Calcium Chloride vs Magnesium Chloride

Posted by Maren Garcia on 6.28.2021

As a site or project manager, you are always looking to maximize efficiency. When it comes to selecting dust control, it can be hard to  find a product that is suited to your site requirements, stay within budget, and aligned with the strategic goals of the operation. 

Calcium chloride (CaCl2) and magnesium chloride (MgCl2) have been used interchangeably for dust control in order to accommodate pricing and availability, reduce decision time, and simplify the buying process. The tendency to substitute magnesium for calcium chloride, or vice-versa, is exacerbated if you have limited access to supply stores. 

However, just because calcium and magnesium chloride can be used interchangeable does not mean it should be. If you are looking to maximize your site's performance and cost effectiveness, it’s worth going one step further in understanding how these two different products work.

The performance level of your dust control is primarily a function of a product’s ability to bind water on the road surface and prevent fugitive dust from getting loose. Though not immediately obvious, this helps us understand why relative humidity has a material impact on product effectiveness. It turns out that calcium and magnesium chloride relate differently to relative humidity, even though they are both working to bond with (and bind) water. Furthermore, it is important to be sure you know what concentration you are using.

Here’s a quick guide you can use to get an idea of what product concentration is recommended relative to the humidity level: 

Although relative humidity is not the only factor to consider while selecting a product, this should help you know what to ask for based on your climate. 

EnviroTech Services, Inc. is proud to pioneer innovative products and solutions for all of your road maintenance, dust control, and soil stabilization needs. To learn more about how EnviroTech Services, Inc. can help maximize your operations efficiency, visit our website or speak with a representative at 800-369-3878 

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