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Mag-Chloride: How & When to Use It as an Anti-icing Agent

Posted by jonathan.nelson on 11.3.2015

For those entities that use magnesium chloride as their deicing agent of choice, the timing of mag-chloride application is critical. For instance, magnesium chloride must not be applied before the early stages of a storm. The key is – the road surface has to be wet for the magnesium chloride to work effectively. Instead of applying the product pre-emptively, spend the time before the expected storm mobilizing so that the magnesium chloride can be applied as soon as the storm strikes and the roads are wet.

The difference between anti-icing and deicing is only the timing of application. Many users write off anti-icing altogether because the timing for application can be difficult to nail. Regardless of whether you practice anti-icing or not, the points below are important to consider when managing your product deployment. 


What Happens If the Road Is Dry for Application?

  • Slicker Roads: When applied to dry surfaces, this deicer can actually make roads slicker than if it isn’t used.
  • Wasted Material: When magnesium chloride is applied in anticipation of a storm, and then the storm never materializes, or is less severe than expected, not only is an expensive product wasted, but so are man hours.
  • Other Waste: Other wasted resources include wear and tear on vehicles, fuel, and other expenses.
  • Environmental Repurcussions: Additionally, there will be an unnecessary environmental impact.

High Performance Meltdown Apex™: Deicing at Lower Temperatures

Meltdown Apex™ is enhanced magnesium chloride brine that can be used alone or with salt added to increase traction. Using Meltdown Apex™ in conjunction with salt increases the salt’s capacity to melt snow and the speed at which it works; it also increases salt’s effectiveness at low temperatures.

MeltDown is effective at temperatures 12 degrees lower than other liquid deicers. It also has an excellent ability to prevent snow and ice from bonding with road surfaces. Improved results from plowing and increased cycle times are other ways in which this innovative product will save you money.

Find out if Meltdown Apex™ is the best deicer for your roads, contact us for a FREE consultation and evaluation of your site.


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