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Ice Slicer the Value Picture: Consider Total Cost of Ownership When Choosing a Deicer

For winter maintenance agencies and contractors, snow and ice control is a vital function of their work providing safe conditions for the public. Using an innovative product that reduce costs, improves safety, and mitigates environmental impacts is increasingly important.

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Iowa County Engineers Association Conference 2017

By Carrie Plasters on 11.1.2017 Events

71st Annual Iowa County Engineers Conference
When:  12/5-12/7
Where: Iowa State University -  1601 Golden Aspen Dr., Ste 110,  Ames, IA 50010
Find out more about the Engineers Association Conference -  https://register.extension.iastate.edu/icea/exhibits
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CalCIMA Education Conference

By Carrie Plasters on 11.1.2017 Events
When:  11/5-11/8
Where: Resort at Squaw Creek,  400 Squaw Creek Rd,  Olympic Valley, CA 96146
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Cases for Enhancing Salt Brine with AMP® for better Snow & Ice Control

AMP® is one of EnviroTech’s latest product releases and it brings technical innovation and outstanding product quality to the salt brine additive market. Salt Brine is a great tool for snowfighters, as it can be used for pre-treating, deicing and anti-icing. But salt brine alone has some very detectable performance limitations: 1) salt brine is prone to drying out and being blown from the surface by the wind, 2) the melting point of salt brine is often not low enough to be effective in many storms, and 3) salt brine is among the worst options in terms of the corrosion it will cause. 

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RAM/SWANA Conference & Show

By Carrie Plasters on 10.10.2017 Events
22nd Annual Fall RAM/SWANA Conference & Show
When:  10/16-10/17
Where:  Minneapolis Marriott NW,  7025 Northland Drive North Brooklyn Park, Minnesota 55428
Find out more about the   RAM/SWANA Conference & Show -  http://recycleminnesota.org/news-events/ram-swana-annual-conference-show

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By Carrie Plasters on 10.10.2017 Events

GIE+EXPO - Louisville, KY
When:  10/18-10/20
Where: Kentucky Exposition Center, 937 Phillips Ln, Louisville, KY 40209
Find out more about GIE+EXPO -  http://www.gie-expo.com/hotel-travel/louisville
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North Dakota League of Cities Show

By Carrie Plasters on 10.4.2017 Events
North Dakota League of Cities Show
When:  9/28-9/30
Where: Delta Hotels by Marriott Fargo, 1635 42nd St S, Fargo, ND 58103, USA
Find out more about North Dakota League of Cities -  http://www.ndlc.org/
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Introducing AMP

The industry’s most innovative salt brine enhancer for deicing / anti-icing:

  Accelerate. Maintain. Protect. 

Greeley, CO:  Today, EnviroTech Services Inc., a leader in deicing products for more than 28 years, has announced the release of a cutting edge new salt brine enhancer that can make roads safer while reducing the costs to accomplish that.  EnviroTech’s new AMP product helps to accelerate ice melt and thereby provides drivers with improved traction on the road, maintaining safety.  AMP not only melts ice faster, but it helps the salt brine stick to the road which maintains this protection for a longer period of time thereby reducing application frequency required which lower costs significantly for large Municipalities and commercial operations.  And studies have shown that the addition of AMP helped to reduce corrosion by 70% compared to salt brine alone.

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AMP Receives PNS Approval

EnviroTech is proud to announce that our new salt brine enhancing product AMP, has received approval from the Pacific Northwest Snowfighters Association (PNS). PNS members are a collection of transportation agencies throughout the states of Washtington, Oregon, Montana, Idaho, Colorado, as well as British Columbia. The guidelines established by PNS assist users in product selection by requiring that approved products:

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durablend-C™ at Squaw Creek National Wildlife Refuge – Reducing Chlorides and Tradeoffs

The topic of how to treat areas with unique or highly sensitive ecological needs has been long standing within dust control markets. The days of using things like waste oil to treat roads are long gone, and the vast majority of vetted products present very little risk to the environments they enter. Still, there are outlying areas that cannot tolerate chlorides at any significant level. Places like the Squaw Creek National Wildlife Refuge, which have precious and biologically diverse wetlands to preserve.

And although places like Squaw Creek have a growing number of chloride free products to choose from – the issue is not so easily settled. Why? Because many of these products simply do not perform. Just like calorie free sweeteners or soy based veggie burgers, it can be hard to remove an element or ingredient and still get the punch we want. It is the classic consumer tradeoff that good product developers constantly look to close. durablend-C™ is EnviroTech’s latest step forward in this quest.

For Squaw Creek, however, maintaining its ecology was about more than finding a decent sugar free coffee sweetener. As such, they entered into a rigorous screening process to identify products worthy of including in an on-site study. In short, durablend-C™ passed the test. And not just because it did not have an adverse interaction with the wetlands. It passed because it worked. A single application of durablend-C™ that incorporated ESI’s proprietary Compact & Cap™ program performed as well or better than two applications of the alternative product tested over the same timeline without compromising the ecosystem.

Application of durablend-C™

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