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Ice Slicer is a Redmond Product

Posted by Guest Blogger Brooke Loeffler on 12.8.2022

Ice Slicer's® natural formula has a fascinating history and legacy of high performance. Let’s learn more about where Ice Slicer® comes from and what makes it special. 

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Ice Slicer® is harvested directly from a unique geological deposit in Redmond Utah.

The Redmond Mineral Deposit and Mine

The story actually begins over 200 million years ago...during the Jurassic Era. An ancient sea covered modern day Utah and a rich deposit of deep sea minerals began to form. Over time, a volcanic explosion covered this ancient sea bed with ash. As eons passed, this ash layer aged and became a protective bentonite clay cap over the hardened sea minerals below.

Moving forward to 1958, when a regional drought hit central Utah. The Bosshardt brothers, Milo and Lamar, were pressured to abandon their farm and search for new pursuits. They knew Native Americans had once harvested salt from the area, so they borrowed some money and went into the salt business with little more than sledgehammers, picks, and a drive to provide for their families.

In the 1960s, local governments realized this unique blend of minerals melted ice more efficiently than traditional white salt, so Redmond Minerals began selling a premium road deicer...and Ice Slicer® was born.

What Makes Ice Slicer® Special?

Ice Slicer® improves road safety with nature's perfect recipe for melting ice and snow and is the safest and highest performing deicing salt available. 


Powerful Complex Chlorides

Ice Slicer® contains a balanced mix of complex chloride salts (sodium, magnesium, potassium, and calcium) that white salt simply can’t match on its own. And with over 60 trace minerals evenly distributed in each granule, its mineral buffers efficiently protect infrastructure and the environment.

  • Click here to learn more about the complex chlorides and minerals in Ice Slicer®

Low Insoluble Material

All mined salt naturally contains some amount of insoluble materials that don’t dissolve in water. The right amount of insolubles give mined salt a signature color that can help capture sunlight to kickstart the melting reaction and make it easier to see where product has been applied. However, too much insoluble material decreases a product’s performance and value.

Subterranean deposits naturally contain mineral variation throughout. That means products mined from the fringe outer edges of a salt deposit inevitably contain fewer chlorides and a lot more sediment. This excess sediment clogs equipment, interferes with ice melting, and creates muddy and dangerous driving conditions.

Ice Slicer® is mined from the rich heart of the Redmond mineral deposit where we find nature's highest performing formula for melting ice and snow. This premium product is expertly handled and processed to ensure the lowest insoluble material possible. This formula contains <10% insolubles; the perfect amount for easy application, high performance, and safer roads. 

Supply to Meet Your Demand

Nature doesn't wait around for you to have enough product to keep your shed running. Fortunately, Ice Slicer’s stockpile is well equipped, and ready to fill any sized order right away. In fact, enough product is stockpiled to supply the entire western United States with deicer for an entire year! 

Be aware of other products that are deceptively advertised as "Redmond Salt." These products don't match the performance or service, are not harvested from the same location as Ice Slicer®, contain weaker chloride and mineral concentrations, are weighed down by much higher insoluble sediment, and are not equipped to keep up with order demand. 

EnviroTech Services is an approved Ice Slicer® distributor, click here to order and get your crew the supplies you need to keep running all winter long! 

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