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Erosion Control: A New Day for Feedlot and Farmland Dust Control

Posted by jonathan.nelson on 8.18.2015

Dust control in the western part of the United States is not an easy task on any level. High winds and miles of wide-open fields blended with a scalding, arid climate causes extensive erosion that destroys everything in its path. The dust and pollutants carried with it on the breeze is sometimes unbearable for man or beast. 


Many roads show the telltale signs of erosion. Sand dunes wash up on the sides of the pavement or caliche, remnants of the dust storms that whip across the land.

Feedlots, ranches, and farms irrigate constantly, battling to keep things balanced and to still maintain their crops and cattle as inexpensively as possible. Water usage is incredible high, not a good thing when the water itself is scarce and costly. These are very serious concerns for everyone.

It is here where EnviroTech Services, Inc. and its water conservation program can help tremendously. Although not inexpensive, the initial cost of our specially treated X-Hesion Pro® water tanks installation will repay itself back quickly, and in numerous ways. Click here to see the amazing results one landfill obtained in only a matter of a few days.


Feedlots have many situations they deal with daily. Sand and dry manure mix as the sun heats the ground. Trucks, pulling in and out of the lot, cause even more damages as they grind the gravel driveways into more dust from the weight of their cargo. High winds cause loose soil to blow across the thousands of cattle in the yards. Pollution filters through the air into the neighboring areas, creating even greater issues of health and hygiene for both people and animals. All of these situations cause serious losses, both of money, and time. Feedlots try to maintain through the use of antibiotics, and water sprayers, as well as by putting more cattle out for grazing in adjacent fields. Unfortunately, this creates more dust as the native grasses are consumed. 

By using our proven dust control program, much of these issues will be reduced, saving you both time and money, and creating a healthier, safer environment for all. 

Whether X-Hesion Pro® is the best dust control solution or one of our other specialty products, EnviroTech Services will discuss your site specific needs to ensure a solution is recommended that will bring you the results you’re looking for. Request your FREE site evaluation today!

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