Water Costs on the Rise? Trucking Too Expensive?
Working with Limited Resources?

Stop using water as your sole dust control solution! Our water conservation program provides solid dust control results where proper road preparation is not feasible. Increase road stabilization and reduce dust so you trucks keep moving throughout the day.

Reduce Water Usage by More Than 50%
  • Increased efficiency in fuel costs
  • Lowered labor and production costs
  • Longer lasting dust control
  • Roads have longer vast visibility
  • Safer drivers!
What You Should Expect
  • Flexibility: Adjust application arounf the weather 
  • Optimization: Site analysis to meet your unique needs
  • Effective: Results to meet or EXCEED your goals


If you struggle with consistent reintroduction of fines, seasons of heavy traffic or if you're currently using a watering program - this program is ideal for you. Request an evaluation today.