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X-Hesion Pro®: Reducing Water Applications for Roads

Posted by jonathan.nelson on 7.29.2015

Water conservation is incredibly important; it is a global issue and something that everyone needs to focus on. There are a number of actions that can be instituted to ensure water is not wasted on roads, in landfills, and during agricultural projects. The BioPreferred®, X-Hesion Pro® water application for roads is part of a cohesive program designed by EnviroTech Services Inc. as a method of reducing the water utilized to keep dust levels down on unpaved roads.

reduce water applications roads

The backbone of this water conservation, dust reduction program is a product called X-Hesion Pro®: this is an additive that is designed to be utilized by water trucks. Once the additive is applied, watering can be reduced by up to once every two to three weeks—a significant decrease in the amount of water used on the roads to keep dust levels low. Before the product is applied, a special shampoo is used on the road to ensure that the product works properly. After the shampooing process, X-Hesion Pro® is applied. Between applications, the product is stored in a special, dedicated tank, and then applied to the roads with a specialized process that is designed to be both efficient and effective. See how the Larimer County Landfill is now saving more than 4 million gallons of water per year.

Although there is an initial cost to begin the process of application, there is a significant benefit in the long-term. Constant water application of roads is both a waste of water and waste of company time. We are proud to lead the industry with our innovative X-Hesion Pro® water conservation and dust control solution. Contact us today to see how X-Hesion Pro® can help you satisfy all your business requirements and needs OR request your FREE site evaluation today!

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