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Winter Salt Shortage Plus El Nino? Deicing Faces Challenges

Posted by jonathan.nelson on 10.14.2015

The winter of 2014-2015 was particularly harsh in the Northern and Midwestern United States. New York, Michigan, and Minnesota were among the hardest-hit, experiencing winters that ranked in their respective top 10 worst. The shortage of salt and the inevitable hike in price created dangerous conditions for motorists in the entire affected area. Having already experienced the difficulty of dealing with an aggressive winter and a low salt supply, the question begs answering: Will we see a salt shortage again in 2015?



High Salt Demand Leads to Shortage

Unusually severe weather patterns in 2014 created a situation in which the demand for road salt far exceeded the supply, mainly because the previous winter had been mild and cities were comfortable with the amount of salt reserves in place. After a few weeks of the coldest, most precipitous weather in recent memory, salt supplies quickly dwindled, leaving local and national suppliers scrambling to keep up with the demand. While there is a possibility that Winter 2015 will be slightly better, taking steps now to ensure safe levels of salt supply is advisable.


Consider Lead Time

Due to the lead time needed for delivery, it is a good idea to plan ahead and make sure that adequate salt reserves are in place should higher precipitation and extreme cold strike again, conditions that could occur with a strong to super El Nino shaping up in the Pacific Ocean.


Preparation Is Key

Weather conditions can change without warning and preparation is key. While we wait to see what Winter 2015 has in store, ensuring adequate salt supplies for our coldest cities is a priority. Buying now, before there is a crisis, will ensure the safest conditions possible for motorists and others who must brave the coming winter. 

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