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Will Southern California See Another “Dust Bowl”?

Posted by jonathan.nelson on 10.20.2015

The unchanging drought situation in the Southern half of California has brought back the nightmare of dust-bowl conditions. At a recent presentation by the Association of California Water Agencies, climatologist Michael Anderson described the current situation in dire terms, saying, “You’re looking at numbers on par with what was the Dust Bowl.” California farmers have seen loses of more that $1.5 billion dollars due to lack of water, according to the L.A. Times.


There are two heartbreaking issues in California. The first is water conservation and the second? Dust control. As the nation’s experience with the dust bowl demonstrated, eating, sleeping, and breathing in dust causes a host of serious infections and silicon invasions that cause cancers long-term. In addition, of course, the conversation of good vineyard and agricultural soil into dust causes immense economic damage.

How to control dust in Southern California:

The traditional solution to controlling dust in landfills, quarries, vineyards and mines is to use water to flatten the dust. Under current drought conditions, the need to conserve water makes the widespread use of this simplistic solution problematic. The answer is using dust control products that minimize the use of water while keeping dust under control. Non-chloride based, agriculturally derived polymer formulations like X-Hesion Pro® bind with many types of dry soils, preventing the formation of dust particles.

There are many alternative dust control substances. Many are based on silicon formulations. For use in the agriculturally sensitive southern and central California region, agriculturally derived products are recommended.

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