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Why is Nature's Best® the 'Best'?

Posted by Maren Garcia on 7.29.2021

Nature’s Best® is a naturally occurring granular sodium chloride blend that comes from a side stream of the mining of potash. Each salt crystal contains traces of calcium chloride, magnesium chloride, and potassium chloride.

Once we receive this raw material salt, it is sprayed with our enhanced liquid magnesium chloride using “pre-wetting technology”. The pre-wetting process allows the granular ice melt to perform better, melt faster, and last longer than other deicing products.

Then, the salt is colored with a non-staining, blue dye. The blue color acts as an indicator as to where the product is applied to avoid over-application and signal to drivers that the road has been treated. In addition to the colored salt acting as an indicator, it also helps to absorb heat from the sun on cold days and helps with the endothermic melting action of the salt. The extra heat Nature’s Best can absorb due to its color allows the salt to work down below 0°.

The enhanced liquid magnesium chloride has a built-in corrosion inhibitor making Natures Best safer on concrete, metals, and vegetation. It is important to note that ice-melting product should not be used on concrete that is less than one year, concrete that was not properly mixed / finished / cured. Using ice-melting products on these surfaces can result in flaking or spalling.

However, if an ice-melting product must be applied to these types of surfaces, Nature’s Best should cause significantly less damage compared to other ice-melting products. Specifically, Nature’s Best works to reduce the freeze/thaw cycle which is a huge contributor to concrete damage.

Nature’s Best is packaged in 50 lb. bags. There are typically 49 bags per pallet and 18 pallets per truckload. It is also available in 2,000 lb. super sacks.

To order Nature’s Best or learn more, speak with a representative at 800-369-3878 or click here to visit our website.

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