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What's a Contractor's Priority During a Snowstorm?

Posted by Jason Sesko and Maren Garcia on 8.20.2020


What is a contractor's priority during a snowstorm?

This is a complex question, as much of the answer depends on the overall event. Several factors including the timing of the season, when the snowfall started, current conditions, and ground temperature determine the answer.

A contractor's priority is to ensure safety while preparing to open by 6:00AM. But what about the perfect storm? A “perfect storm” could be described as one where snowfall starts at 10:00PM and stops at 4:00AM.

Safety is the number one concern for property managers. Property managers want money spent on snow removal to create a safe environment for everyone at the property, whether that is the homeowner, customers, or employees. The overall goal is to minimize the risk associated with slips, trips, and falls. The only way to ensure the property is a safe environment is to have adequate staff for prep along with having the proper quantity of necessary materials to mitigate slippery conditions.

In order to open by the desired time, the onsite team starts with cleanup followed by the application of deicing solutions. An efficient way to ensure readiness is to start by applying Ice Slicer on parking surfaces while applying bagged deicers, such as Nature's Best, for sidewalks. Ice Slicer is an excellent “go-to” product because the unique natural chloride blend can out-perform competing anti-icing chemicals and rock salt. Ice Slicer products melt ice and snow to 5°F, which is a full 17° lower than regular road salt. Nature's Best is a bagged deicer that is a combination of calcium, magnesium, sodium, and potassium chlorides. It allows for effective temperatures well below 0°F and is far safer for concretes, asphalt, and metal, as well as children, animals, and vegetation.

Overall, a contractor’s top priority during the perfect storm is to start cleanup and deicer application earlier in order to ensure community safety.

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