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What Does "Qualified Product" Mean?

Posted by Maren Garcia on 12.1.2020


Clear Roads Snow and Ice Control Chemical Product Program is a national research consortium focused on winter maintenance materials, equipment and methods for use by highway maintenance crews. Clear Roads partnered with the Pacific Northwest Snowfighters (PNS) to coordinate material testing and standards for deicing chemical materials. PNS is a collective of Pacific Northwest state transportation agencies sharing knowledge about best practices, materials, innovations, and more in winter maintenance. PNS was created by state transportation departments from Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Colorado, Montana, and regions in Canada. The group's commitment to improve winter maintenance practices is backed by extensive research and a regular snow and ice conference to facilitate communication about winter maintenance news from around the world. 

Clear Roads and PNS created the Qualified Product List (QPL) to review, test, and approve products used in Pacific Northwest States. The mission of the QPL is to “strive to serve the traveling public by evaluating and establishing specifications for products used in winter maintenance that emphasize safety, environmental preservation, infrastructure protection, cost-effectiveness and performance.” Products with QPL approval embody these ideals and prove to be the top-ranking products in the industry.

EnviroTech Services, Inc. is proud to manufacture numerous products with PNS approval as a qualified product throughout categories 1, 2, 4A, 4B, 4C, 5, 6, 8B, 8C-R, and the experimental category. Categories are broken down based on product type.

Category 1: Corrosion Inhibited Liquid Magnesium Chloride

    • Caliber M1000 AP TM
    • Meltdown with Shield AP TM
    • Meltdown APEX with Shield AP TM
    • MeltDown ApexTM
    • MeltDown InhibitedTM 
  • Category 2: Corrosion Inhibited Liquid Calcium Chloride 
    • MeltDown Apex-C TM
    • Calcium Chloride BOOST
    • C1000 Pro TM
  • Category 4A: Solid Sodium Corrosion Chloride  (Corrosion percent effectiveness of 30% or less)
    • Inhibited Ice Slicer TM
    • Ice Slicer Elite TM
  • Category 4B: Corrosion Inhibited Solid Sodium Chloride - Modified Gradation
    • Ice SlicerTM RS
    • Ice SlicerTM Super Blend Plus 
  • Category 4C: Corrosion Inhibited Solid Sodium Chloride - Standard Gradation
    • SOS Treated Salt TM
    • Ice Slicer CBTM
    Category 5: Corrosion Inhibited Sodium Chloride Plus 10% Magnesium Chloride (Solid)
    • Meltdown 10 TM 
    Category 6: Corrosion Inhibited Sodium Chloride Plus 20% Magnesium Chloride (Solid)
    • Meltdown 20 TM 
  • Category 8B: Insoluble Material less than 10%, and Moisture less than 5.0% 
    • Ice Slicer RS TM
    Category 8C-R: Fine Gradation, Road Salt, Insoluable Material less than 10% and Moisture less than 0.5%
    • Ice Slicer TM Near Zero 
  • Experimental Category: Approved Liquid Corrosion Inhibited Products
    • SOS APTM 
    • SOS Inhibited TM
    • SOS-C Inhibited TM
    • BetterBrine Pro powered by AMP TM

EnviroTech Services, Inc. is dedicated to environmental consciousness by providing sustainable products which is demonstrated by our strong presence on the Qualified Product List. To learn more about how EnviroTech Services, Inc. can serve you, please visit our website or contact a representative at 800-369-3878.

To see the complete Qualified Product List, visit here.

EnviroTech Services, Inc. is proud partners with Redmond Minerals and Desert Mountain.

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