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Water Shortage: Free up Water for Your Farm with Approved Dust Control Solution

Posted by jonathan.nelson on 8.10.2015

“We never know the worth of water till the well is dry.” So said Thomas Fuller, in 1732, though it could have been just yesterday.

The 2015 Water Shortage isn’t new; water shortages have been an ongoing threat to farms for centuries. But if you don’t have a comprehensive water conservation plan, or your plan isn’t living up to your expectations, the time to do something is now.

It’s a familiar conundrum: farms require water to manage crops and care for livestock, and yet just as importantly, they must use it to control dust on their roads - or risk health and safety hazards, fines, equipment degradation, and myriad other problems.

Many industries - especially farms in the West and Midwestern states could potentially see significant reductions in water usage when using EnviroTech Services Inc., ultra-low chloride-based solution for dust control, X-Hesion Pro®versus traditional dust palliatives


You can reduce water typically by more than 50 percent with EPA Approved and certified BioPreferred®
dust control product. Not only reducing water, X-Hesion Pro® is also environmentally friendly helping to limit the amount of chlorides introduced into the environment so you don't have to worry about crops and livestock. 

The EPA has long worked with farms and other industries to mitigate and control “fugitive” dust. The problem is complex, however, as reducing water usage on farms must be balanced with other environmental concerns, such as soil contamination and changing regulations regarding particulate matter.

With EnviroTech Services Inc.'s X-Hesion Pro® added to water applications used for dust control on farming roads, you could reduce water usage for dust mitigation, thus freeing up water for crops, feedlots, and other operations. While many factors contribute to water usage and conservation efforts, the most effective dust control and suppression typically requires a safe additive. 

Approved for use by the EPA, X-Hesion Pro®’s high-grade, proprietary formula reduces and in many cases virtually eliminates chlorides to help preserve surface and soil integrity.

Download the X-Hesion Brochure to learn more about this ultra-low chloride product or contact us with questions about freeing up more water for where you need it - on your crops, not on your roads.

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