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Water Conservation: Saving More Than Just Water

Posted by jonathan.nelson on 6.29.2015

Water is so important that when scientists search for life on other planets, the first thing they look for is evidence of water. Water is one of the world’s most precious natural resources and, therefore, should be treated like one. This means water protection and conservation is a priority.

But water conservation is not only about saving water…it’s about saving money too. Consider the following benefits of instituting a water conservation program.

Save money on equipment
With traditional dust control methods, you may need to use your equipment a lot, especially if you are in the upper Midwest, where pumps literally run 24/7. Excessive equipment use causes rapid deterioration of parts, necessitating the need for replacement parts and repairs. Since replacement parts (not to mention heavy equipment mechanics) are expensive, the more you use your equipment, the more money it costs your business. Additionally, as any mechanic will tell you, you can only repair your equipment so much before it is more cost effective to replace it. 


Save money on labor
Equipment can’t work without people to operate it, so the more you run your equipment, the more labor you incur. And unlike machines, human worker’s can only work so long before needing a break. If your operation runs 24/7, you need to have at least three shifts of employees during the week and a few extra people to cover weekends and holidays. When you add tertiary expenses such as overtime, benefits, and HR oversight to the base salaries of your employees, labor costs build up quickly. 

By conserving water, you can reduce your workforce and save money, which means more profits for your company. With the addition of X-Hesion Pro to your water applications, you can reduce water usage by up to 50 percent in some cases; in turn cutting operation costs dramatically.

Avoid losing money due to climate change
Climatologists predict that climate change has already begun, meaning that your business needs to be prepared for environmental changes before it’s too late. 

This means preparing for droughts, no matter where your operation is located. As you know, droughts lead to dust in the air, meaning that you need to apply more water to ensure safe roads and operations. By instituting a water conservation program now, tailored to your site specific needs and requirements, you can rest easy knowing that your company is as prepared as possible for climate change.

Fore more information about how our X-Hesion Pro additive program can help you conserve both water and money, contact us or request your free evaluation today.


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