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Super El Nino Is Coming “Weather” You’re Prepared for Deicing or Not.

Posted by jonathan.nelson on 10.15.2015

Winter 2015: It’s supposed to be one for the books. The cause? A Super El Nino is expected, similar to the one last seen in the winter of 1997. This weather pattern means more moisture pulled up out of the Pacific Ocean and across the United States. Throw in the typical cold air flowing down from Canada, and you have the makings for a lot of snow and ice.



With all of the hype – how do you really know how to (or if you should) prepare?

What we know? Better to be safe than sorry. Once the snow and ice hits, if you don’t have deicing product (and a plan) in place, you’re going to be scrambling. And you’ll be scrambling with everyone else who didn’t properly stock. Add ordering and shipping time (…and in inclement weather) means more time and work for you and your crews as you try to play catch-up with the weather. It may only be the beginning of fall, but it is the perfect time to procure the deicing materials that you will need for this especially wet and icy winter.

There is no telling for sure how much snow and ice this winter will bring, and it will certainly vary from region to region. By preparing ahead of time and obtaining deicing products, you will be ready for whatever winter throws at us this year. And when it comes to the procurement of deicing material, you should turn to the road experts at EnviroTech Services. We have expert knowledge and all the deicing and anti-icing materials that you will need to prepare for this winter and whatever storms it brings. 


The Underlying Message? Don’t wait!

Stock up on your deicing and anti-icing products. Get a jump on the storms and the icy winter ahead. Talk to one of our deicing experts to learn more about El Nino – and how you can be prepared. Contact us.


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