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Snow Contractors: Slips, Trips, and Falls

Posted by Jason Sesko on 2.1.2021


As a snow contractor, it is vital to ensure the safety of the community. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, slips, trips, and falls cause an estimated 700 fatalities per year, as well as many serious injuries. To avoid the dangers of slips, trips and falls, it is crucial to have an effective plan for snow removal.

Here are some quick tips and items to consider to maximize safety in your snow removal plan:

  • What's in the contract?
    • Verify the contract includes sidewalks, permitter sidewalks, and parking lot surfaces.
    • Ensure the contract specifies deicing and anti-icing materials to be used.
    • Follow the snow contract with regards to scope of work.
  • Timing and Location
    • If it is only required to service sidewalks or parking lots, ensure they are serviced in a timely manner.
    • Know the hours of operation for the facility being serviced to make sure the site is taken care of before opening, during normal operation and directly after closing.
  • Preparation and Planning
    • In HOAs or Residential areas, be sure to have a map detailing where the snow should be piled to avoid any sidewalk surfaces.
    • Each member in the crew should have maps of all the properties in the portfolio in case they need to reference or share it with other crew members.

Sometimes after taking all the preventative measures you can, accidents at the workplace still happen. It is best to always be prepared in the event of a workplace injury.

Check out a few tips to help maintain a proper record keeping when there is a workplace injury:

  • Reporting
    • Ensure that crew members take photos of the entire area when witnessing a slip on a site you maintain, and report the incident to your supervisor immediately.
  • Recording
    • Maintain an email file of the incident, including records of all customer communication, documentation of the incident both internally and externally, weather reports determining snow totals specific to that area, and any photos taken.
  •  Notifying
    • Notify all parties involved, including the client, subcontractor supervisor, Internal Safety Team and possibly your insurance provider.

Remember that most slips, trips, and falls can be eliminated by having a detailed snow removal plan that relies on using a high-quality deicer before, during and after an event. Even with a detailed snow removal plan, it is best to prepare for workplace injuries to mitigate the risk.

To learn more information about products and services that can help you avoid workplace accidents, contact EnviroTech Services, Inc. by visiting our website or speaking with a representative at 800-369-3878