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September Snow in the Rockies? Now is the time to plan for deicing.

Posted by jonathan.nelson on 9.21.2015

It isn’t unusual for storms to bring snow to the Rocky Mountain region in September, so now is the time to put your deicing and/or anti-icing plans in effect. It’s better to be prepared and not need them than to be caught without a plan and the supplies you will need to implement it. After all, with an entire winter to follow it’s unlikely that those supplies will go to waste.

Keeping your facilities and roads free of ice in an environmentally responsible, yet cost-effective way can be challenging. Here are three products to consider adding to your winter deicing program.

deicing road solutions

Meltdown Apex™: Improve Performance of Your Snow Plow

This liquid anti-icer/deicer offers a 12 degree increase in performance over any other liquid deicer. Whether used alone or blended with salt to improve traction, this brine of enhanced magnesium chloride (MgCl2) will allow you to control the build-up of ice and snow. When used with salt, Meltdown Apex™ improves its speed and melting capacity and also allows salt to be used at lower temperatures.

Its excellent “anti-bonding” properties will also improve the ability of plows to remove snow build-up and increase cycle times, thereby saving you money.


Ice Slicer®: Fewer Salt Applications in Deicing

This line of high performing, yet environmentally friendly products, provides superior traction, reduced corrosion, and better performance at lower temperatures when compared to salt. This homogeneous blend of natural chlorides and over fifty other minerals will outperform both rock salt and liquid anti-icers.

The enhanced traction provided by Ice Slicer® means that sand is optional, thereby reducing sediment left behind on roads and in any streams that might be nearby.

Each granule of this product contains crystallized corrosion inhibitors and environmental buffers. Because it needs fewer applications than salt, there is less of an environmental impact and fewer chlorides present where Ice Slicer® is used.

Ice Slicer® is particularly effective at outperforming salt at lower temperatures, since it will melt snow and ice at temperatures down to 5 degrees; that 17 degrees lower than conventional road salt.


Apogee™: Acetate Free Deicing

This state-of-the-art product helps prevent frost build-up as well as acting as a very effective liquid deicer. It slides right down through the snow cover to break the ice bonds at the surface. When used as an anti-icer, that same deicing action allows you to reduce the rate of applications without any lessening of their effectiveness.

Adding it to sand as a pre-wetting agent helps stabilize the sand and reduce its scatter potential. It also increased its effectiveness as well as lessening the amount of dust left after the storm.

Apogee’s lower viscosity means it will maintain proper flow patterns even at low temperatures; it will also stay in place on road surfaces longer. Because it is acetate free, it can be used where acetates are banned.

Although, unlike other areas of the country, forecasters aren’t expecting El Nino to produce a tremendous increase in snow and ice throughout the Rockies the year, knowing that you are prepared for whatever the weather may bring will give you peace of mind this winter.

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