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Reducing Water and Improving Dust Control for Produce Farmers in the West: A New Solution.

Posted by jonathan.nelson on 7.6.2015

The ongoing drought in the west is causing more problems than just a lack of rain for farmers. California set a new “low water” mark measurement (California Department of Water Resources). The statewide electronic reading of the snowpack’s water content stands at 5 percent of average, or 5 percent of the 28-inch average. The lowest previous reading since 1950 was 25 percent of average, so Water Year 2015 is the driest winter in California’s written record.

It’s no surprise - water use restrictions are particularly hard on produce farmers in the west. In addition to the devastation for agriculture and residents, the damage from dust on roads and fields is equally harmful. Farming is filled with respiratory hazards from fields of dust, air-born pesticides, hydrogen sulfide accumulations in manure pits and pump sumps, and nitrogen dioxide.


The California Construction Law Blog posted that in the farming community in the Central Valley of California, the San Joaquin Valley Air District’s Governing Board has been tasked with the job of finding less water-intensive measures to comply with the District’s Conservation Management Practices (CMP) regulations to control dust in the agricultural community.

Dust Control Problematic Health History

The history of dust-control has been problematic when trying to find something other than just water to keep pollutants out of the air. The Environmental Protection Agency has worked hard to avoid another disaster as a result of the oil contaminated dioxin spray that was used on unpaved roads and vacant lots for dust control in Times Beach, Missouri. After realizing the adverse situation that had occurred, the cost to relocate the residents and clean up the site was over $80 million.

A New Solution: Water Conservation and Healthy Dust Control

EnviroTech Services offers a water conservation program farmers can use as an ongoing process to reduce dust and maintain roads.

This water conservation solution is designed specifically for your site. With the addition of X-Hesion Pro to your water applications, an ultra-low-chloride additive, you can reduce the amount of water needed by as much as 50 percent, in many cases.

X-Hesion Pro has received the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) approval as a Certified Biobased Product for use as a dust control application. Because it adheres to the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations, it is not harmful to humans or animals and complies with environmental laws. It is saving farmers not just money but the water they need for irrigation.

With the ongoing drought, dry fields and dry roads, the dust control issue only gets worse. Farmers can’t afford to waste a drop of water, yet must comply with the laws as well protect themselves, live-stock and employees. Any measure that saves them precious water and money is critical to survival.

We have an environmentally safe and cost-effective program and solution to solve your dust control needs. Contact us today or request your FREE evaluation.


Understanding X-Hesion Pro

The next generation in our line of proprietary, ultra-low chloride based formulations.

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