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Hamburg Wheel Test - HOW the Rubber Meets the Road (Literally)

Posted by jonathan.nelson on 3.11.2016

“Custom Solutions”. “Cutting Edge Technology”. “Consultative Sales Approach”. Ah, the buzzwords of sales and marketing. They adorn conversations with sales people the way neon lights bring ambiance to a pool hall. But what do they mean and do they deliver more than just a shiny light to stare at while having a cold brew?

Similar to how EnviroTech has worked diligently to bring sound science to our dust control and deicing industries (as well as others), we are taking concrete steps to turn the buzzwords of sales and marketing into tangible results. The latest version of this takes the form of a piece of equipment known as a Hamburg Wheel Tracking Test (HWT), which gives ESI a wholly unique testing capability for our dust control and road maintenance customers.

The HWT was developed in Germany and gives ESI the ability to run side by side tests that compare the nuanced balance between product selection, application rate, native soil, expected traffic patterns, and anticipated weather. So, instead of running field tests (which are more expensive and time consuming) to get the optimal mixture of product type and application, ESI can work with you to get the right combination before any field applications occur. Here’s how it worked in a recent test:

  • High quality gravel pit base material (courtesy of Larimer County, CO)
  • Lane 1 treated only with water; Lane 2 treated with BaseBind® at 0.5 gal/yd2 mixed in without top spray
  • Both dried for 48 hours and were then exposed to 10,000 vehicle simulation cycles
  • Untreated Lane 1 had rut of 4.2mm; BaseBind® Lane 2 rut at 1.2mm
  • Simulated a ¼” rainstorm over a 30 minute period
  • Untreated Lane 1 reached failure point of 12.5mm within 140 cycles; BaseBind® Lane 2 maintained at 5.2mm after another 2000 cycles
  • Here is the graphical representation after the rain simulation


As efficacious as this test was, the really exciting possibilities for customers will come testing application rates of products, as opposed to simply seeing the effectiveness of our products over untreated surfaces (though that is helpful too).

Being able to find an optimal product composition and application rate will create a literal bang for a customer’s buck. It will also challenge others selling “Custom Solutions” and “Cutting Edge Technology” to have more than just neon signs in their bag of sales tools.

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