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Mining: Dust Control through Evaporation Reduction

Posted by jonathan.nelson on 6.17.2015

Using water to mitigate dust on mining haul roads has long been considered the primary means of dust control; but with the growing lack of availability of water for this purpose, it is time to consider a new approach. 

In certain areas of California, for example, purchasing the water needed for a consistent dust control schedule is expensive. Furthermore, continual reapplication, along with hauling water to the job site, means your company is spending time and money fighting the ongoing battle of dust control.

Additionally, because evaporation leads to the return of the dust clouds, you often end up fighting visibility issues before finishing your project. The increased emphasis on water conservation (both internally and externally) is another factor working against using tens of thousands of gallons of water simply to keep dust under control.

Even with all that in play, dust control remains absolutely necessary for day-to-day operations. Fortunately, there is a water conservation solution designed specifically for your site. With the addition of X-Hesion Pro to your site applications, you may be able to cut your water usage by as much as 50 percent. Better yet, instead of paying your crew for relentless water applications, you may be able to allow as far as 2 to 3 weeks between applications (given the right conditions).


Simulated Conditions

Take a look at these simulated summer conditions with and without X-Hesion Pro. There is a decrease in evaporation rates with each application – up to 65 percent in just four treatments.


This low-chloride additive is a proprietary, ultra-low chloride based formulation of environmentally friendly polymers designed to help you reduce your water usage while keeping your dust under control. A variety of factors, from soil type to traffic patterns, impact your dust issues; but when you contact us, we help you design a water conservation program that saves you money, reduces dust and water consumption, and helps you contribute to preserving this precious resource.


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