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Landfills: Save Time, Money, and Water

Posted by jonathan.nelson on 7.30.2020


Keeping the road dust under control at your landfill is not just a matter of safety for your workers. It’s also a matter of keeping the neighbors happy and and avoiding Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) fines.

Until now, the standard plan for controlling road dust has been the application of water. Relying on water application for dust control takes away from the project at hand, requiring multiple applications throughout the day. Sending water trucks out several times each day costs time and money, paying your team to drive water trucks instead of focusing on the real job - covering landfill waste.

But with a low chloride road solution like X-Hesion Pro, you can cut down the frequency of those water runs.

X-Hesion Pro is an ultra-low chloride-based road solution that utilizes agriculturally derived, complex organic polymers. These polymers keep various road bases stable and dust free. X-Hesion Pro also increases the effectiveness of your water applications and, given the right conditions, can reduce your water consumption by up to 50 percent! Using X-Hesion Pro over the standard dust control plan for landfills will save you time and money, while meeting EPA standards.


When your team spends less time focused on dust control, they can spend more time on keeping up with all the other requirements, including those imposed by the EPA, for landfill operators.

Request an evaluation for a site-specific plan, including an estimate of how much your landfill operations can save through our comprehensive water conservation program.

The experts at EnviroTech Services provide a multi-step consultative approach to develop a dust control plan that is unique to your needs. Keep your neighbors at the EPA happy, increase your productivity and - of utmost importance - promote worker safety by increasing visibility and reducing dust. 

Editors Note: This post was originally posted on June 19, 2015 and has been updated by Maren Garcia for comprehensiveness and accuracy.

Topics: Environmental, Dust Control & Soil Stabilization, Water Conservation, Industrial/Commercial, Government Markets