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ENVIROTECH SERVICES LAUNCHES NEW WEBSITE (http://envirotechservices.com)

Posted by jonathan.nelson on 9.9.2014

Greeley, Colorado (PRWEB) September 09, 2014

"We are excited to have a website that reflects how intently EnviroTech Services is focused on moving forward and bringing excellence to our markets."
-Roger Knoph, President & CEO

EnviroTechServices The Industry Leader in Road Solutions

EnviroTech Services, Inc., an industry leader in road solutions, is pleased to introduce its redesigned website; http://envirotechservices.com. With substantial growth, emerging regions, and the proliferation of value add products over the last 5 years, EnviroTech felt it was time to bring the website current to reflect these changes.

Greeley, Colorado, September 8, 2014: Working with marketing and design firm, Graphik Creative,LLC, out of Denver, CO, EnviroTech began the project during the first quarter of 2014, and began a complete overhaul of the site. The primary features of the new site are:

  • Comprehensive representation of EnviroTech’s industry leading suite of dust control, deicing & anti-icing, erosion control, and other road solution products.
  • Updated site structure guiding users through the site based on their region (West, Rocky Mountain, and Midwest), or needed business unit (ESI Commercial, Pines Distribution, Bio Ballast).
  • Integration of EnviroTech’s majority owned subsidiary, Trae-Fuels (http://traefuels.com), a renewable energy manufacturer of wood pellets.
  • Clearly defined markets for the extensive suite of products, including Deicing & Anti-Icing, Dust Control & Soil Stabilization, Mining, Oil & Gas, and Specialty Products.
  • Fully modernized navigation, style, and design, including responsive design, which optimizes for mobile devices.
  • Update to industry standard Wordpress platform, allowing for ongoing development and continued optimization.
  • Showcase of ESI’s corporate values and core competencies, including industry leading Research & Development, Quality Assurance, and Infrastructure.
  • Greater targeting of user needs, making the site more intuitive and useful for visitors.

In addition to these substantial and immediate improvements, EnviroTech will continue to develop the site moving forward, ensuring the site continues to reflect ESI’s position as leader in the industry.
About Envirotech Services, Inc.
Founded in 1989 with over 100 employees across the US, EnviroTech Services, Inc. has forged its identity as an innovator and industry leader in road solutions. Additionally, ESI is focused on continuing growth and expansion into traditionally associated as well as new and diverse markets, subsidiaries, and ventures.