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EnviroTech Services Assists the City of Denver’s Sustainability Efforts

Posted by Maren Garcia on 7.2.2020


Here at EnviroTech we always keep our motto, “People Helping People Improve their Environment,” in mind with everything we do. Recently, we had a huge opportunity to help the people of Denver, Colorado help their environment.

The Purchasing Department of Denver, CO started an Environmentally Preferred Procurement (EPP) program in order to reduce their environmental impact. The City of Denver made the decision to stop the use of sodium chloride salt because of the product’s corrosive effects and overall negative environmental impact. To learn more about deicer's impact on the environment, click here for an article from our partners, Redmond Minerals, Inc.

In order to achieve the position of an environmental leader, the City of Denver has partnered with EnviroTech Services to provide their sustainable deicing products, specifically Meltdown Apex and Ice Slicer.

“Denver and CDOT are the best in deicing.From the programs and strategy to the equipment, when I work with other cities or states, I put them in contact with Denver to learn how to operate a best-in-class deicing operation.”
- Tim Pike, EnviroTech Services, Rocky Mountain Region Manager

EnviroTech’s Ice Slicer is a granular deicing product that contains a unique blend of natural chlorides. This product outperforms competing liquid anti-icers and rock salt while ensuring the safety of the community and environment. Ice Slicer is a homogenous, non-blended product with natural minerals and complex chlorides such as magnesium, calcium, sodium, potassium chloride and over 50+ trace minerals. Ice Slicer has a lower application rate compared to other deicing products which reduces the amount of chlorides that are introduced to the environment.

EnviroTech’s Meltdown Apex is a performance-enhanced magnesium chloride (MgCl2) brine that performs at lower temperatures and combats snow and ice buildup on road surfaces. This product delivers a 120 F freeze point improvement over any other bulk liquid deicer available to the City of Denver.

Read more about how EnviroTech Services is assisting the City of Denver in their mission to be environmental leaders:


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