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Dust Control - Basebind in Vineyards

Posted by jonathan.nelson on 2.4.2016

Spider mites are a real threat to orchards, vineyards and many other crop fields. An integrated approach to managing mite populations is crucial, and proper dust control is a critical component. However, conventional dust control products, such as those used on industrial sites, are not conducive to plant health. Lignosulfonate, a byproduct of wood-pulp processing, is a popular choice for agricultural dust control, but has limitations, not the least of which are product consistency and erratic availability. EnviroTech Services, Inc. manufactures a dust control product that provides superior, consistent and enduring dust control without exposing fields to the undesirable components of conventional dust control products.

The least expensive dust control solutions, magnesium or calcium chloride treatments, are undesirable in agriculture and other alternative dust control products can poison the living soil necessary for healthy plant life. When evaluating the best options, the field of available products narrows rapidly.

 Lignosulfonate gained popularity in agricultural dust control and while it is a plant based and biologically friendly solution for controlling dust and therefore mite population, lignosulfonate is of inconsistent quality and availability.

EnviroTech Services, Inc. (EnviroTech) manufactures a product that shows great promise as a safe and effective dust control solution in agricultural settings. BaseBind® is an extremely low-chloride (<3% chloride) polymer-based product that stabilizes the fine particles of road surface material.


In 2015, EnviroTech demonstrated BaseBind® on two separate California vineyard roads.  According to follow-up conversations with both collaborating partners, BaseBind® controlled dust throughout the summer. In addition to outperforming lignosulfonate with regards to effectiveness and longevity, BaseBind® is preferable to lignosulfonate due to the consistency and availability of the product.   Both vineyards’ experience with lignosulfonate is that the product does not have the longevity to last a complete season, and in both demonstrations BaseBind® did. Finally, both vineyards were completely satisfied with BaseBind® as a dust control product, so much so that they each intend to use it on their entire respective expanses of road in the summer of 2016. For the full Whitepaper, click here.

BaseBind® is excellently suited to provide adequate dust control in vineyards and orchards, as well as other crop fields.  BaseBind® is a manufactured, specification controlled product its high quality is reliable, consistent and available according to demand.  BaseBind® is a safe and effective dust control product when used in the correct environments and conditions.

To learn more about BaseBind® or to address other dust control needs, contact us to speak with our road experts or request a FREE site evaluation to find out how we can tailor a program to suit your unique site.


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