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Less Chlorides, Same Results: DuraBlend-CEP and DuraBlend-MEP

Posted by Jacob Shavzin on 5.13.2022

The DuraBlend® product family has been providing environmentally friendly and extremely effective dust control applications on roads across the country and beyond for many years. Now, the same trusted DuraBlend product you know and love comes with a slight addition of enhanced polymers to create both DuraBlend®-CEP and DuraBlend®-MEP!

What are the benefits of DuraBlend-CEP or DuraBlend-MEP over traditional DuraBlend products?

You get the same application rate, same dust control, and the same road preparation with dramatically reduced chlorides released into the environment.

DuraBlend-CEP is also based on chlorides just like traditional DuraBlend, so the transition from one to another is absolutely seamless.

DuraBlend-MEP is a magnesium chloride product that provides exactly the same benefits as CEP and traditional DuraBlend. This specific product is engineered to be applied and perform well at lower temperatures. 

Both DuraBlend-CEP and DuraBlend-MEP absorb much faster into roads with an 80% faster absorption time than traditional DuraBlend.

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