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durablend-C™ at Squaw Creek National Wildlife Refuge – Reducing Chlorides and Tradeoffs

Posted by jonathan.nelson on 3.14.2016

The topic of how to treat areas with unique or highly sensitive ecological needs has been long standing within dust control markets. The days of using things like waste oil to treat roads are long gone, and the vast majority of vetted products present very little risk to the environments they enter. Still, there are outlying areas that cannot tolerate chlorides at any significant level. Places like the Squaw Creek National Wildlife Refuge, which have precious and biologically diverse wetlands to preserve.

And although places like Squaw Creek have a growing number of chloride free products to choose from – the issue is not so easily settled. Why? Because many of these products simply do not perform. Just like calorie free sweeteners or soy based veggie burgers, it can be hard to remove an element or ingredient and still get the punch we want. It is the classic consumer tradeoff that good product developers constantly look to close. durablend-C™ is EnviroTech’s latest step forward in this quest.

For Squaw Creek, however, maintaining its ecology was about more than finding a decent sugar free coffee sweetener. As such, they entered into a rigorous screening process to identify products worthy of including in an on-site study. In short, durablend-C™ passed the test. And not just because it did not have an adverse interaction with the wetlands. It passed because it worked. A single application of durablend-C™ that incorporated ESI’s proprietary Compact & Cap™ program performed as well or better than two applications of the alternative product tested over the same timeline without compromising the ecosystem.


Application of durablend-C™

durablend_whitepaper_pic_2.jpg.pngAuto tour loop immediately adjacent to the wetland (Kunz, Linder, & Little, 2016)

EnviroTech Services, Inc. developed the durablend™ line of products and the proprietary Compact & Cap™ program to provide alternative dust control solutions for roadways with an array of concerns that cannot be addressed with traditional treatments of magnesium chloride or calcium chloride alone, and the data confirming how well they work continues to pour in. To read a detailed account of this study, check out the durablend-C™ whitepaper. To reach out and get started how we can help you with your needs, visit us at http://envirotechservices.com, or click below to request a FREE site evaluation.


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