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Bio-Ballast®:  The Solution for Power Hop

Posted by Bill Bebb on 1.11.2022

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Power Hop is a condition that occurs when weight + balance + pressure are not being evenly distributed across the drive wheels. When this condition occurs in larger 4WD or MFWD tractor(s), it causes a lot of frustration to farm operations including loss of time and fuel.

NTS Tire Supply recently released an excellent PTK /Practical Traction Knowledge™ video explaining in detail on how to fix Power Hop. We at EnviroTech Services are a proud supplier of Bio-Ballast® to NTS Tire Supply and share in the philosophy of knowledge transfer and education of our customers.

Check out this video and see why Bio-Ballast® is the Solution for Power Hop.

To view our tire filling guide, click here for measurements. 

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Topics: Transportation, Bio Tire Ballast, Safety