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Best Dust Control Product: Landfills, Agriculture, Mining & Energy

Posted by jonathan.nelson on 7.20.2015

Our roads take us where we need to go, but they are large open spaces vulnerable to erosion and other environmental hazards. They crack and deform with age, releasing dust and other debris into the surroundings. Thus, making the roads hazardous to everyone who lives and works near them. Fortunately, with proper care and planning, our roads can serve us for years without issue. However, each industry has its own environmental concerns.

To better serve our customers, here are the 3 main markets we are targeting for dust control to ensure our customers receive the best environment, road and surface solutions available.

Landfill and Waste Management
X-Hesion Pro takes the guesswork out of landfill and waste management. Our EPA-approved biopolymer formula protects your service roads and landfill bases from dust, cracks, and holes that could push hazardous chemicals into the air and local groundwater supply. We make sure every solution we provide has proven results that will fit within your budget, needs, and the concerns of your local community and neighbors, and EPA regulations.

To see how one landfill operation implemented EnviroTech’s water conservation program and how the potential savings could be more than 4 million gallons of water a year, click here.

Our water conservation program with USDA Certified Biobased X-Hesion Pro takes agriculture to the next level. It keeps your service roads clear of dust and ruts while maintain your water supply. With us, you no longer have to worry about your water or the health and safety of your neighbors and workers. X-Hesion Pro meets all EPA and USDA guidelines and regulations for the health and food safety, reducing your costs while improving your bottom line in the process.

Mining and Energy
Our EPA-compliant X-Hesion Pro-powered water conservation program ensures the safety of miners and everyone living and working near mines. With us, you no longer have to worry about inspectors or complaints from your neighbors or local community. Our products and services ensure your haul roads remain dust free throughout your operation increasing the productivity of your mine while keeping all your stakeholders happy.

We are proud to lead the industry with our innovative X-Hesion Pro water conservation and dust control solution. Contact us today to see how X-Hesion Pro can help you satisfy all your business requirements and needs or request your FREE site evaluation today!

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