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BallastSeal® and Bio-Ballast®: Increase Life Cycle and Reduce Cost

Posted by Jerry Konst on 2.20.2019

Tire ballasting is popular with farmers and many OTR vehicles as it allows vehicles to work safely, with heavier loads than normal.  BallastSeal® enhances both the applicability and usability of Bio-Ballast® Liquid Tire Ballast.  BallastSeal® when used in conjunction with Bio-Ballast® offers the market a unique solution.  Today’s newer tubeless tires often can benefit from a sealant in the Agriculture, Industrial and Off-Road liquid tire ballast market. There are many aspects about liquid ballasting with Bio-Ballast®, in conjunction with BallastSeal®, that will help in getting the most out of your equipment investment. Ballasting with liquid in tires, such as Bio-Ballast®, has proven to pay dividends.  When a lower center of gravity is achieved allowing for more confident operation when lifting and pulling. The combination of BallastSeal™ and BioBallast® helps maintain the optimum tire pressure and maximizes fuel savings.  All the while minimizing the risk due to tire failure, loss of ballast, need for service calls, and enhancing the equipment efficiencies and safety. 



BallastSeal® when combined at the recommended 30:1 ratio with Bio-Ballast® will be able to seal multiple penetrations in the tire up to ¼”.  All this while providing superior environmental benefits, such as: non-flammable, biodegradable, non-toxic, and safe around plants, animals and humans.  Bio-Ballast is a Certified Bio-Preferred Product as determined by the USDA.  Bio-Ballast® with BallastSeal® will increase usable life cycle time and reduce life cycle cost of your tire. 

FATC (Firestone Agricultural Tire Co.) and other manufacturers  say that under no circumstances should methanol, ethanol, alcohol, gasoline, propane or any other flammable substance be used as a Liquid Tire Ballast.  Besides being Flammable, these products are also toxic to Humans, animals, and plants.  For Tire Shops along with the significant safety issues this creates, the storage of ethanol, methanol, or alcohol at your facility can significantly increase your insurance rates.


When using BallastSeal® in conjunction with Bio-Ballast® add the appropriate amount of BallastSeal™figuring the 30:1 formula.  Then fill the tires up to 75%  with Bio-Ballast®, with the valve stem at the 12 o'clock position. Exceeding that limit causes the tire to become more susceptible to impact breaks

The added functionality of sealing a tire from penetration makes Bio-Ballast® with BallastSeal® an excellent option for replacing for all existing Liquid Tire Ballasts, including water.  A superior product such as Bio-Ballast® with BallastSeal® exists to enhance the owner’s investment in tires and wheels while increasing the overall efficiency and safety of the equipment. 


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